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Serving The Community

People & Organizations We Serve

Our Concord Community 

Thirty years of working in the Concord community has given us the opportunity to grow deep roots. Aside from designing, building, and maintaining landscapes, we partner with and support various community organizations. Participating in fundraisers and attending events are just some of the ways Tesh-Troxler gets involved with the community.

Partner with and support various community organizations in Concord Community

Lynn is involved with the Concord Wildlife Alliance which works to educate the community about wildlife conservation. We partner with them in the spring and fall to host a native plant sale in which part of the proceeds goes to CWA.  

Involved with the Concord Wildlife Alliance

Concord Wildlife Alliance

Boys & Girls Club 

We also enjoy sponsoring events for the Boys & Girls Club. This year we had the pleasure of sponsoring the sausage for their annual Pancake Day fundraiser as well as sponsor and decorate a tree at the annual Festival of Trees gala in December.  

Participate in fundraisers for the Boys and Girls Clubof Concord

At Tesh-Troxler, we're all about fun and helping out in our community, especially for such great organizations as Habitat for Humanity. At one of their fund-raising events, we joined in as contestants in a golf tournament, as well as sponsoring one of the holes.  

Sponsor a golf hole at Habitat for Humaniy of Cabarrus County

Habitat for Humanity

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