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Our Mission

We strive to bring natural beauty to residential and commercial properties through designing, installing, and maintaining luxurious landscapes that get more people to spend time outdoors.


Our History

Tesh-Troxler is more than just a regular landscape company. Our small business has been providing exquisite outdoor environments and excellent customer service since 1986. We have become trusted experts in everything landscape through servicing Concord, NC and surrounding areas for over thirty years.  Above all, our work is always guided by our core mission - to get more people living outdoors!

Our Staff

Our staff is therefore dedicated to making your dream landscape a reality. We are fully insured and Licensed NC Landscape and Irrigation Contractors and certified Commercial Ground Applicators. In addition, we are members of the NC Landscape and Nursery Association and the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Our shared passion for horticulture, design, and customer satisfaction provide us with the vision, knowledge, and tools to create innovative landscape solutions for everyone.






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Phillip Tesh, co-owner, president and landscape designer

Phillip Tesh




Phillip is President, Co-owner, and Landscape Designer of Tesh-Troxler. He started the business with Gray Troxler and has worked in the business for over 33 years. His responsibilities include selling, installing, following up on jobs, and supervising landscaping crews. He has an eye for design and enjoys creating custom landscape solutions that exceed each client's expectations. He is a NC Licensed Irrigation & NC Landscape Contractor.  He particularly enjoys working on hardscape projects such as patio and walkway installations. 


After graduating from NC State University with a degree in Horticulture, he returned to Concord to build a landscaping business. He is also our go-to person for any and every question pertaining to golf!

Gray Troxler Phillip Tesh, co-owner, vice president and landscape designer

Gray Troxler




Gray started the business with Phillip over 33 years ago. He is Co-owner, Vice President and Landscape Designer for the business. His responsibilities include bidding jobs, designing, sales, installation and customer service. He is a NC Licensed Landscape Contractor and a NC Commercial Ground Applicator.


He brings creativity to the designs he develops and enjoys working with customers and seeing the final product. He enjoys playing golf and spending his free time lakeside with friends and family.


Gray studied biology at Greensboro College and graduated from CPCC with a degree in Horticulture.

Lynn Tesh, landscape designer

Lynn Tesh


Ashley Edwards, office manager

Ashley Edwards


Lynn is a Landscape Designer and Salesperson. She has been with the company for 17 years working with her husband Phillip Tesh. Prior to Tesh-Troxler, she worked at another landscaping firm, a greenhouse, and a floral shop. 

Lynn's responsibilities include meeting with clients, creating estimates, designing, and supervising job implementation in the field. She is a NC Licensed Landscape Contractor and NC Commercial Ground Applicator.  She enjoys creating living art within the landscape and leading clients through the process of making their landscape visions become a reality.


Growing up in an agricultural area, she graduated from Illinois State University with a B.S. in Agribusiness/Horticulture Sequence. If she isn’t at the office designing landscapes, she’s out gardening, creating floral arrangements, or participating in community projects.

Ashley is Office Manager and has been with Tesh-Troxler for 4 years. Her responsibilities include bookkeeping, client communications, scheduling, and working with vendors.


What Ashley really enjoys about her position with Tesh-Troxler is that she is able to work both in an office setting and out in the field when needed. Prior to Tesh-Troxler, Ashley was a manager at a gas station for 10 years.

She loves spending time with her family and traveling.

Kenneth Whitley, landscape crew leader

Kenneth Whitley


Kenneth is Landscape Crew Leader and came to Tesh-Troxler through a recommendation from a friend. That move paid off well for him as he's worked with the company for over 29 years. His variety of responsibilities include irrigation and hardscape projects and leading crews on the job site. 

Working in the green industry for over three decades has allowed Kenneth to get to know people in the community and make lasting friendships. His patience with others and his positive attitude have been a real asset to the business and  have strengthened the cohesiveness of the Tesh-Troxler team. Plus, his in depth knowledge of mechanics and tools comes in handy on the job. 


When he's not working in the field, Kenneth is working on automobiles and racing.   

Marty Weaver, maintenance supervisor

Marty Weaver



Marty is Maintenance Supervisor and joined the team to work on building the Specialty Lawn Care program. He has been employed with the company for over 6 years. 


Marty manages and assists the maintenance crews, as well as coordinates communication with clients. He is an NC Commercial Ground Applicator.  What he enjoys most about the position with Tesh-Troxler is serving the community and the camaraderie he has with his coworkers.

Marty has a BA in English, and is experienced in business administration.

When he is not working, he enjoys reading and studying about NASA and the Space Race.

Compton Hawker, landscape technician

Compton Hawker


Compton is Landscape Technician and has been with the company for over four years. His responsibilities include installing landscapes and hardscapes, and taking care of equipment and tools. He brings with him knowledge and experience in masonry and this can be seen in the variety of hardscape projects he has completed with the company. 

What Compton likes about working at Tesh-Troxler is that everyone is friendly and nice to one another. His easy-going nature fits in perfectly with the other members of the team.

When not at work, Compton enjoys hiking, swimming and dirt biking.

Brent Corl maintenance crew leader

Brent Corl


Brent is Maintenance Crew Leader and came to Tesh-Troxler because of the great things he heard about the company. He has been an important part of the team for over 10 years, and continues to perform maintenance services for both commercial and residential properties. 

What he enjoys most about his job is working along side other members of the team and helping customers maintain the beauty of their properties. 


When not at work he likes to spend time with his family.  

Aaron Tesh, maintenance crew leader

Aaron Tesh


Aaron is Maintenance Crew Leader and came to the business through his father, Phillip. He's been with the company for over five years.


Aaron's responsibilities include ensuring that jobs are completed efficiently and meeting customers' specific needs for lawn maintenance. He's a genuine leader, works very hard in the field and gets along well with clients and coworkers. 

When not working, Aaron enjoys combat sports and other athletic activities, learning guitar, and social events. 

Michael Whitley, maintenance crew leader

Michael Whitley


Michael is Maintenance Crew Leader and has been with the company for over three years, performing various maintenance services. He really enjoys working with other members of the team and has a background in customer service.

He brings to the team qualities such as stability, reliability, patience and an easy-going nature.

When he's not at work, he enjoys reading, sports, and playing games.

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